Live Edge Ovals Cherry Home Blessing Garden Design

  • Made from Canadian live edge cherry ovals.
  • We use only the safest and most natural materials to mastercraft your unique one of a kind home blessing.
  • Customization Available! You can personalize our home blessing either using Hebrew or English text to bring your uniqueness to your home blessing.
  • Each and every Live Edge Cherry Oval is unique and one of a kind, we handle, fill, sand every imperfection on the wood manually in order for your artpiece and home blessing to stand out for years to come.
  • The B-E-S-T Gift for a new home or wedding! Bring this unique one of a kind gift to your loved one, wheather they just got married or they purchased a new home. You can Add your personalized text additionally with no extra cost above the home blessing. Dont worry we will work this out to perfaction for you!


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